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Jul 31, 2023
2 min read

BookItWithTrent: Sports Betting Personified

Pikkit is proud partners with BookItWithTrent (aka Trent Attyah from Bookit Sports).

Since sports betting was legalized in the United States, no personality has made a name for themselves like Trent Attyah.

Starting as the content-creating CEO of his platform, BookIt Sports, Trent’s content caught fire. So much so that the content outpaced the product. His raw sincerity and sports betting love took off.

Trent is arguably the most recognizable influencer in sports betting. Here are his accounts:

Two defining characteristics make Trent’s content stand out:


In a world of fake touts and sugar-coated results, Trent stands out. He doesn’t shy away from discussing losing bets or tough stretches. And this authenticity resonates with the audience, who appreciate his candidness. It’s rare and endearing.


At Pikkit, we sponsor some of Trent’s hilarious and engaging Surgical Streams. Trent’s interactive and inclusive style is one of the main reasons he has developed such a loyal fan base - he's known for connecting with his audience through social media, responding to queries, discussing predictions, and sharing his thoughts on today’s games. This interaction creates a sense of community and camaraderie among sports betting enthusiasts.

And for those reasons and many more, we are so thrilled to have Trent bringing those attributes to the Pikkit community.

Follow BookitwithTrent here:

Media Expansion

As "BookIt with Trent" gained traction, the platform evolved beyond social media. Trent expanded his reach by launching a website, podcast and increasing his social media output.

BookItWithTrent: Sports Betting Personified

Trent embodies the spirit of sports betting.

His enthusiasm and sense of community are why we're thrilled to have him on the Pikkit platform.

You can follow his picks and many other industry influencers on the Pikkit app: