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Feb 7, 2024
4 min read

Promoguy's January 2024 Recap

January 2024 is in the books and it was a solid month overall on Twitter with us finishing ~+$569 overall. This was spread out fairly evenly with Draftkings up $206, Fanduel up $181, and Caesars up $180. As always, this is done following my 0-1 unit scale with 1 unit being $50. Realistically, we were able to achieve these numbers very rarely going past $20 bet size. Let’s dive into a few of the Twitter (somewhat conflicting) numbers then look at some of the discord numbers as well: 

  1. It was a tough month for the fade the boost crowd  - Fanduel boosts finished up $229 (i use min max of $20 for tracking so people with $50 maxes would’ve done a lot better), Draftkings premade boosts (largely tracked at the min max of $10) made $58 bringing the total of premade boosts profit to +$287. Fanduel boosts had an ROI of +41% which certainly outperformed their EV (so Fanduel was very non sharp in January for people who think they are purposeful about their boosts). 
  1. Non premade boosts did well too - We made another $282 on the non premade boosts which were almost exclusively tracked at $5/$10 bets. These profits largely came from Draftkings and Caesars. 

Now let's dive into the discord. On January 9th, I hired someone to track MGM, ESPN, and Betrivers for us. ROIGUY does Bet365 for us there. While there are many types of DK, FD, and caesars plays covered that don’t go on Twitter (targeted plays, VIP plays, state specific, etc.), it is too much work and too messy to track them (weird for me to track a NY only play as if it is even somewhat widely available). So I am leaving it to using the Twitter like process and applying it to MGM, ESPN, and Betrivers. I shared January tracking with the discord for transparency,  but to keep the plays private I don’t have them included in the Spreadsheet in the reply below this tweet. One note is that MGM in particular has a lot of targeted promos so the results are inflated there. I had the person do every play as 1 unit to save some work for them.

MGM:+49.13 units, ROI 87.7%

The caveats here are some people are promo banned and like i said before there are more promos included here than people will have because of the nature of MGM. That being said, an ROI of 87.7% is insanely high for a book that doesn't have insane promos. Most of the promos are 25%- 50% boosts. It was a heck of a month here

Betrivers: +22.97 units, ROI 56%

While non promo banned people basically had all of the Betrivers promos that were posted, theres always the caveat that plenty are promo banned. Still, up 23 units and a 56% ROI is awesome especially with many of the promos being $25 maxes (so would be $574 if they all were). 

ESPN: +14.16, ROI 45.7% 

Solid month on ESPN as well who has become much better than Barstool was due to the insurance promos (lot of ESPN free bets we got to use). Strong ROI here as well even if its a bit lower than the other two. 

Bet365: -$5.60

ROI sent this to me so I don’t have the data but down $5 on Bet365 on the month. A bit disappointing after a strong few months for him there.

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